Mutiny Brings On Leading Machine Learning Expert As Business Expands

Seyed Lajevardi

After an extensive search, Mutiny, the predictive marketing consultancy and tech startup, announces the appointment of Dr Seyed Lajevardi as Lead Machine Learning Engineer.

The move comes with the expansion of its technology capability and growth of its engineering team.

Mutiny uses AI, deep learning and predictive analysis to inform every solution for its clients. Their unique proposition and focus is not just on the data or the technology, but how they can find a better way to leverage both through artificial and human intelligence.

Dr Lajevardi will help lead the development of this, driving Mutiny’s deep learning capability. He brings a wealth of machine learning experience backed by deep academic credentials, including a PhD in image processing, pattern recognition and computer vision. He is a leading and innovative data scientist with rich experience across deep learning, data governance, data structuring and requirements.

Prior to joining Mutiny, Dr Lajevardi led the development of machine learning systems to identify complicated manufacturing defects at SCOTT. Regarded as a leading expert in machine learning, Dr Lajevardi was also a lecturer at RMIT University and has over 20 published papers to his name.

He will report to Chief Strategy Officer Henry Innis, working with a strong development team.

“What we do for our clients at Mutiny is leading edge and this requires best in class talent and new ways of working. Dr Lajevardi is exactly the type of top talent we continue to attract – smart, passionate and brilliant at what he does, he brings an innovative and rigorous perspective to our industry. His rich experience will support the accelerated development of our predictive marketing platform and help us achieve our vision of delivering value creation through the power of predictive marketing.” Matt Farrugia, CEO at Mutiny, said.


“I am excited to join Mutiny and begin developing on their unique Mutiny Helm IP. It is a chance to apply exciting, cutting-edge machine learning and deep learning techniques to client datasets. This is groundbreaking for marketing and something that smart clients will see as delivering a competitive edge.” Dr Lajevardi said.


Dr Lajevardi starts immediately.



About Mutiny Group

Founded in November 2018, Mutiny is the world’s first predictive marketing consultancy. At Mutiny, we use AI, deep learning and predictive analysis to inform every decision and every solution for our clients. Our focus is not just on the data or the technology, but how we can find a better way to leverage the power of both through artificial and human intelligence. We call this Smartech™ and it combines the power of machine learning to empower human decisioning. The use of more powerful AI and deep learning solutions allows us to cut more cleanly through the noise of big data and leverage only the data and insights that matter. AI helps us gather and analyse a huge amount of data and with deep learning in the mix, we are now able to understand what’s going to happen next, faster, cheaper and more accurately. We will be able to predict when the individual or the audience will be most interested in watching your content, when and how they will engage, and how best to connect with them. This is revolutionary and the result is more insightful, more immersive, more creative and more effective innovation that delivers greater return on marketing investment.