Harriet Wray joins as COO

Mutiny Group have announced the hiring of Harriet Wray as Chief Operations Officer, partner.

She has previously held senior positions both as Product Lead, Innovation and Ventures (PWC) and CHE Proximity in delivery and operations.

Mutiny indicated that Wray’s experience delivering products to analyse data-sets was critical to her hire, as well as her tenacity and attitude.

Matt Farrugia, Mutiny CEO commented: “When we look at who we want our fellow Mutineers to be, Harriet came to the top of the list. Tenacious, determined, entrepreneurial and all around brilliant — attracting talent of her calibre for our clients shows we’re going to be a force to be reckoned with.”

Wray’s immediate focus will be working with Chief Strategy Officer Henry Innis to continue iterating the product platform engine that sits at the heart of Mutiny’s data analysis practice.

Innis, Mutiny’s Chief Strategy Officer commented: “Harriet (or ‘Harry’) is technically minded, savvy and a canny strategist to boot. She’ll be instrumental in building the product out, alongside assisting us in scaling the business as we execute our growth plans.”

Wray commented “Mutiny is a compelling offering. After seeing some of their technical plans first hand, alongside a demonstrated proof of concept for the product, I knew there was a chance to do something disruptive at the intersection of content, data and technology. I look forward to starting in my new role and joining as a true partner in the business.”



About Mutiny Group

Mutiny is the world’s first predictive advertising agency. At Mutiny, we use AI, deep learning and predictive analysis to inform every decision and every solution for our clients. Our focus is not just on the data or the technology, but how we can find a better way to leverage the power of both through artificial and human intelligence. We call this Smartech™ and it combines the power of machine learning to empower human decisioning. The use of more powerful AI and deep learning solutions allows us to cut more cleanly through the noise of big data and leverage only the data and insights that matter. AI helps us gather and analyse a huge amount of data and with deep learning in the mix, we are now able to understand what’s going to happen next, faster and more accurately. We will be able to predict when the individual or the audience will be most interested in watching your content, when and how they will engage, and how best to connect with them. This is revolutionary and the result is more insightful, more immersive, more creative and more effective innovation that delivers greater return on marketing investment.