Mutiny launches

Industry faces Mutiny as ex Y&R executives launch new consultancy

Former Managing Director at Y&R, Matt Farrugia and former Engagement Strategy Director VML & Y&R Henry Innis have teamed up to launch a new marketing consultancy named Mutiny.

Farrugia and Innis have launched the venture in response to growing client demand for strategy, data and marketing tech advice around content and experiences.

The consultancy already has already attracted a number of blue-chip clients including Bupa with further client announcements imminent in the new year.

Matt Farrugia commented: “There is no better time than the present to launch an offering like Mutiny. Marketers need new, future facing offerings that are orientated around unleashing the power of their data and marketing technology stacks. There is a massive gap in the market for consultancies who can do this well.

Henry and I already had a good working rhythm and success with clients in this space so it seemed logical for us to team up and build an offering together”

Mutiny’s strength lies in its distinctive offering that combines experienced consultancy with proprietary tech. At its core is an AI powered engine with the ability to analyse factors that contribute to certain marketing outcomes. Farrugia and Innis have already built a machine learning prototype and there are plans for further investment and development.

“The marketing services sector has experienced two key trends – the consolidation and build up of marketing data and the rise of automation – over the past two years. This allows for new business models to emerge, particularly to help clients build capabilities beyond just technology in these areas. Data has been a big driver of consultancies entering the sector. The challenge is a lot of consultancies know how to analyse data, but know very little on what to do after that analysis. Our IP allows us to compete with PWC, Deloitte and Accenture in a more nimble, agile and cost-effective way for clients. Add to this our deep understanding of the strategies in the marketing services space and we are well placed to add something unique and quite disruptive for brands and clients looking to get more out of their marketing budgets.”  Added Innis.

Talks to expand the group rapidly are already underway, and more announcements can be expected as the group looks to build capability quickly and at scale.




About Mutiny Group

Mutiny is the world’s first predictive advertising agency. At Mutiny, we use AI, deep learning and predictive analysis to inform every decision and every solution for our clients. Our focus is not just on the data or the technology, but how we can find a better way to leverage the power of both through artificial and human intelligence. We call this Smartech™ and it combines the power of machine learning to empower human decisioning. The use of more powerful AI and deep learning solutions allows us to cut more cleanly through the noise of big data and leverage only the data and insights that matter. AI helps us gather and analyse a huge amount of data and with deep learning in the mix, we are now able to understand what’s going to happen next, faster and more accurately. We will be able to predict when the individual or the audience will be most interested in watching your content, when and how they will engage, and how best to connect with them. This is revolutionary and the result is more insightful, more immersive, more creative and more effective innovation that delivers greater return on marketing investment.